[cc-community] Creative Commons vs. FSF+GNU+SFLC+SFC+...

Mike Linksvayer ml at creativecommons.org
Thu Dec 22 12:53:15 EST 2011

On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 4:45 AM, Maciej Pendolski
<beholder0x100 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this or not.

It is.

> It seams to me (I might be completely wrong) that Creative Commons is
> "only" involved in licence creation/maintenance and spreading good
> word.

Approximately right, for broad interpretation of spreading the word
that includes a lot of talking to and helping CC adopters and would-be
adopters, especially at the platform/policy level, and coordination
with the worldwide CC affiliate network to do much more.

> I am curious it if would be possible that CC (or parties related
> to it) could find enough resources to build a stronger organisation
> which would also be capable of e.g. host  CC-licenced projects
> (something media-agnostic (game content, music, images, ...))(on the
> other hand though pretty much anything can be hosted on Internet
> Archive), be involved in licence litigation (if CC is not) and more
> importantly (at least to me) to have something like Software Freedom
> Conservancy (http://sfconservancy.org/) (Please point me to such
> organisation if one exists).

SFC doesn't host anything other than its own website AFAIK, but it
does provide other useful services to member free software projects so
they can concentrate on development. The Apache Software Foundation
and Software in the Public Interest provide some overlapping services,
with different rules (and ASF does host as in provide technical
infrastructure). SFC also does lots of GPL compliance work. There are
a number of other free software organizations that provide various
services to lots of projects.

I think there is lots to learn from and develop based on what exists
in FLOSS. I suggest listening to the http://faif.us podcast, it covers
much of this material. The hosts work for SFC and the GNOME
Foundation, and both previously worked for the Software Freedom Law

I suspect there are already a number of domain specific organizations
providing some kind of support to free culture/knowledge projects that
I don't know about. Wikimedia is rather different but can't be
overlooked. The Open Knowledge Foundation hosts (loosely speaking; I'm
not sure exactly what the arrangements are or how they think of it)
lots of projects.

> E.g. let's say that in the future I would like to release my works
> under CC-BY-SA but I would also like my copyright transferred/assigned
> (are those two a same thing?) to some trusted entity which could deal
> with copyright infringement when I won't be here any more (in which
> case whoever would control my copyright could be tricked into
> selling/giving it to someone or something like that) or when I simply
> would not want to spend time to deal with copyright enforcement. And
> there are also trademarks, domains, donations collection, perhaps some
> kinds of conferences/meetings, ... And there are also websites like
> http://www.safecreative.org/ where copyright can be "confirmed".

Most, maybe all of these things would be valuable.

> I thought I'll just ask about it even though I realise it is rather
> unlikely for CC to take this much of responsibility and money can be a
> problem. I known that above stuff is not being done directly by FSF
> (in a software world) and that those are external services but perhaps
> CC could at least sponsor/create/support/promote some organisations
> like that. And it would be nice to have some clear relation between
> those services to make whole "system" appear to be more consolidated.

FSF does do some of the things you mention, in particular accepting
copyright assignment.

> E.g.:
> I know there is a Projects section and CC search on a CC website but
> only single service can be selected and results are on the target
> website. Perhaps some kind of partnership with those services to
> provide results in a specific, consistent format and also search
> through multiple services at time and support more services, ...
> Perhaps service providers could render results themselves but in a
> specified, consistent style and then multiple frames could be used to
> display results, ... This should reduce bandwidth requirements.

We actually replaced a frame version of search.creativecommons.org
fairly recently. If all sites would have consistent results and be
friendly to framing, that would work great, but they don't. CC Korea
has developed http://letscc.net which is currently only in Korean but
looks interesting, and I'm guessing uses various site APIs.

> And
> perhaps "Find CC-licensed works" button could be replaced with a
> search box and placed at the top of the main page to be clearly
> visible. And maybe some clearly visible statistics about number of
> CC-licenced works (of course duplicates would be an issue), ...

This is generally problematic. Some relevant info is at
http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Metrics -- feel free to make
suggestions or better yet improvements. :)

> Of course those are just some quick random ideas which (along with
> other ideas) could turn CC into a centre of open/sharable art,
> content, ... and make it appear to be a more "reliable" and powerful
> entity. Stronger Creative Commons could enhance trust in CC licences
> (IMO). Surely some other paths of potential "growth" of Creative
> Commons could be proposed and discussed to see all potential
> directions in which CC could go (to dominate the universe).

I agree.


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