[cc-community] Strengthening the CC-BY-SA copyleft with respect to code

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Wed Dec 21 21:52:00 EST 2011

On Wednesday 21 December 2011 18:53:20 Rob Myers wrote:
> Then Word is intended to load specific files. It always uses the same
> structure, they just have different names and modified contents. :-)

I think you are not getting or not fairly stating his idea.

What if you changed the code of word so that it would only load one particular 
file. Say it calculated a checksum or hash andwould only load the file if it 
was the file whose hash was embedded into word at compile time. I think that 
may be more the idea being put forward.

I still think we should try solving this in a general fashion for all types of 
content mixed with all other types of content first and only try to craft 
language for specific cases if we cannot find general language to do the job.

all the best,


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