[cc-community] Strengthening the CC-BY-SA copyleft with respect to code

Bart Kelsey elbarto at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 23:47:28 EST 2011

- Should BY-SA meshes be usable with Renderman to make BY-SA movies?

Yes.  Renderman is generic software, and not intended to load those
specific meshes.

- Should BY-SA sounds and patterns be used to drive proprietary audio
software in order to make BY-SA music

Yes.  The proprietary audio software is not intended just to load those
*specific* audio files.

- BY-SA edit scripts to drive video editing software,

Yes, the video editing software is not intended just to run those specific

- BY-SA videos and songs played on software app-store based devices,

Yes.  Those devices aren't built specifically to play *those* songs.

- BY-SA meshes and textures to be manipulated by MEL scripts?

Yes, the MEL scripts aren't written specifically to work on those
particular textures and meshes.

- How can we distinguish the uses that are to be permitted from those that
are to be forbidden?

Honestly, I feel like people are just ignoring my point, because everyone
keeps going back to "what if I use this general purpose piece of
proprietary software or hardware on a piece of media that's CC-BY-SA?"  I
addressed this exact question in the second paragraph of my original
response (and, including this post, twice since then) because I figured
it's something that people would ask.

The answer is this:  If the media and the program are not *part of the same
work*, then it doesn't matter.  This should apply in instances where
someone writes a game or some other program that is *intended to load a
specific piece of media*.  Depending on the situation, that might be an
entire game engine or it might be just the media and game scripts that run
on top of that game engine.

Also, to reiterate, I am not advocating replacing CC-BY-SA, necessarily.
If this would be too big of a change to the license, then a new license
should be created.  I'd really hate for this discussion to be thrown out
just because it doesn't fit CC-BY-SA.  It's still a need that needs to be

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