[cc-community] Why it is not a good idea to discourage CC-NC or CC-ND

Anthony osm at inbox.org
Tue Dec 20 22:11:56 EST 2011

>> How is CC-NC any better than ARR?  If the publisher wants to
>> distribute pdf copies free of charge, they're still going to do so,
>> whether it's under CC-NC or under ARR.
> CC NC is a lot better than ARR!
> 1) The publisher is not the only one who can distribute copies free of
> charge. If the publisher shuts down, loses interest in the book, etc.,
> others can continue circulating a CC NC PDF but not an ARR one.
> 2) Others can adapt the CC NC work but no the ARR one.

If you think your work is worthless, and you're not embarrassed to
take credit for the worthless work, you can slap CC-NC on it and let
others worry about distribution.  But then you might as well release
it as CC0 or CC-BY (or even CC-BY-SA).

I still don't get it.  Where's the niche?  For "an author or publisher
wishing (or needing) to earn money from a book", the best solution is
ARR.  For an author or publisher that is shutting down or otherwise is
abandoning the work, the best solution is CC0 or CC-BY (or even

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