[cc-community] Why it is not a good idea to discourage CC-NC or CC-ND

Heather Morrison hgmorris at sfu.ca
Tue Dec 20 19:53:02 EST 2011

On December 13, Chris Sakkas wrote:

If people were made aware that their CC NC book isn't 'open source', that may encourage them to use CC BY or BY-SA.

Comment: in some cases, this may be absolutely correct. On the other hand, if an author or publisher wishing (or needing) to earn money from a book is discouraged from using CC-NC, I suspect that many would choose All Rights Reserved rather than CC-BY or CC-SA. 

Similarly with ND. I know academic authors who do not like the thought of people creating derivatives of their work one little bit. There are a very great many different types of academic work and disciplines. While I myself favor allowing derivatives, I cannot say with any certainty that there is never a good reason to choose ND. For some academics (and likely other creators), the manner of expression is extremely important, for example. If CC-ND is discouraged, again I would suspect that many would choose All Rights Reserved instead. 


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