[cc-community] NC/ND

Joe Corneli holtzermann17 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 12:50:04 EST 2011

> One might think that Creative Commons would be concerned with fostering an
> actual creative commons perhaps?

In both an ideal and a real sense, the licenses are just one part of a
broader strategy or methodology, and Creative Commons is itself only
one player in a much broader field.  Nevertheless it is safe to say
that Creative Commons as much a "rallying point" as FSF, and as much
of a "flagship" as Wikipedia.

But as with these other projects, there is a comprehensive nature to
the mission that is somewhat difficult to articulate (or action!).
There is an economic side to this (as with software), but I think an
equally important aspect is the robustness of our own cultural

As an example, we can continue with the Open Access theme.  I
commented on this in a blog post not too long ago:

«The word "open" is frequently used in a vacuous way. So for example,
"Open Access" essentially [or typically] just means "Access". We need
to use a richer lexicon to describe the dimensions of productive,
collaborative, and educational projects.» --

Actually we need more than a lexicon, but it's a place to start.
"Open", frankly, tends to confuse the matter.  Yes, inarguably, Open
Access journals ARE making an inroad into the publishing industry, but
it is just that sort of process that is neither well understood nor
well explained with our current pop-theories of collaboration.

The difference between, say, PLoS and MIT OCW is huge, and not just
because they use different licenses.  Creative Commons is faced with
the self-chosen task of being the custodian of the (lexicographic and
legal) space that includes all (or many) of these different projects.

> The problem is not so much in using them, rather in being put under the same
> banner as whose who do. At least for some. There are also more practical
> problems too such as vast amounts of wasted time and effort.

LOL.  I think it would help if things were less "banner-ish" and more
descriptive.  If the "movement" was less of a movement ether more of
an "agora" or more of a concerted effort, or both.

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