[cc-community] NC/ND

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Wed Dec 14 10:33:06 EST 2011

On Tuesday 13 December 2011 18:31:01 Chris Sakkas wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've been following these discussions with interest.
> I don't think it's feasible to remove the 'Creative Commons' label from NC
> and ND licences. One thing that makes CC distinctive and - I suspect -
> successful is that it offers a range of licences all united under the CC
> brand.
> However, I think NC and ND licences could be discouraged by explicitly
> noting that they are non-free, non-libre, non-open licences. Free, libre
> and open are terms that have a lot of cachet that are more narrowly defined
> than most people think. If people were made aware that their CC NC book
> isn't 'open source', that may encourage them to use CC BY or BY-SA.
> What do you think?

What I see happening in practice is that NC stuff just gets called open and 
now open does not mean open any more.

Check the Free Software, Open Source, Open Core worlds and all of the fun in 
that realm.
> *Chris Sakkas
> ***

all the best,


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