[cc-community] Semantic API for Creative Commons Images

Paul Houle paul at ontology2.com
Fri Aug 20 15:24:40 EDT 2010

  On 8/20/2010 12:08 PM, Nathan Yergler wrote:
> Very cool, Paul!  Are you just indexing Wikimedia Commons right now,
> or are you discovering CC licensed images in the web at large?
> Regardless, it's a great resource and looks like an interesting linked
> data application.
     The current image acquisition pipeline is based on Wikimedia 
Commons because I think it's a good way to get a "seed" data set that 
will help us solve some problems we had with


     which used a different kind of pipeline.  In particular,  the 
biological neural networks we were using were easily fooled by the 
American flag in


      to classify the target as the "American Stock Exchange".  If we 
can get high-accuracy reference images of targets,  we can feed these 
into the other pipeline and have fewer errors of that sort...  On the 
other hand,  the Wikimedia-based pipeline makes different mistakes  but 
I think those can be cleaned up more easily.  The immediate plan is to 
capture as much as we can from Wikimedia,  do a round of cleanup,  and 
then use an improved version of the old pipeline to grow it out to at 
least 100 times the size it is now.

      So far as other image sources go,  I'm not so interested in 
crawling the web at large as I am in getting content from large 
collections where there's some standardization of the metadata & 
providence information.  Certainly there are sites like Flickr and 
Picassa,  but I'm definitely interested in the more formal kinds of 
"digital libraries" that are weak in the usability and discoverability 

       If anybody's got a collection of pictures that they'd like to see 
indexed in Ookaboo,  I'd be glad to talk about it.  I'm not against 
providing manual interfaces for uploading content,  but I'm more 
interested in working on a wholesale rather than retail basis for the 
time being.  When I've actually got an audience,  then I might think 
about adding the more conventional "community" features -- until then 
I've got a lot of other things to keep me busy.

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