[cc-community] Children's Book Illustrations under a CC-BY License

Gisle Hannemyr gisle at ifi.uio.no
Mon Jun 15 09:43:09 EDT 2009

On 15.06.2009 14:33, Gautam John wrote:
> Gisle H. rote:

>> The illustrations are of little use without permission
>> to adapt (translate) the accompanying text to a local
>> language.

> Are the illustrations useless without the text? We had hoped that the
> illustrations were valuable in their own right too.

Maybe I was too categorical.  The illustrations are nice, but
they're not really clip art, but an integral part of a
narrative expressed through the book's text.  The most mest
obvious use of the illustrations would be to create translations
of the book.

> As regards the book, we'd be happy to put that out under a CC-BY
> license but don't really have a way to make available the source files
> in an editable format.

I think the images (already up on Flickr) is all you need as
source files to make an adaption. Anyway, the text is selectable
and copyable from the book website, so someone that want to make
a straight copy in some other format (e.g. HTML) already have
access to all the required source material and can create a
copy using cut & paste.

What is missing, is a non-confusing rights statement about
the rights to adapt the text.

>> On the colophon pages, the following rights notice appears:
>> Then, on the final page of the same work, the following rights
>> notice appears:
>> I think the two rights notices in this work contradict each other.

> I had figured that the CC license on the last page would over-ride the
> Copyright clause on the colophon page. Am I wrong or is it just
> confusing?

I, at least, find it confusing to have to incompatible rights
statements in the same document.

I am not accusing you of anything, but there is not system of
authentication associated with Creative Commons.  This means
that /anyone/ can take a copyrighted work, append a Creative
Commons license to the work, and put the result on the web.
Such a work is of course not legally available under Creative
Commons, despite the license.

I assume this is /not/ the case with this work, and that you
have permissions from the rights actual holders to make it
available on the under a Creative Commons license, but
to me the conflicting rights statements make this work
undistinghable from pirated copyrighted works that have a
bogus Creative Commons license attached.

I think this practice are also confusing to other users of
material under a Creative Commons license, and should be

> In your view, would it be worthwhile to make available the images and
> text in a book format as a PDF? Or the images and text independently?

No.  The material already available is fine for anyone that
wants to make adaptations.  What needs fixing is the
contradictory rights statements.
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