[cc-community] The case for a stricter (or more honest) CC licence than BY-NC-ND

Christoph Schiller cs at motionmountain.net
Tue Jan 13 01:33:45 EST 2009

> Jonathon Blake wrote:
> IMNSHO, the best thing that could happen tot he CC-BY-=NC-ND license,
> is for it to be utterly scraped.
> The NC part all but prohibits educators in the US from using your
> textbook. (CC Foundation guidelines define as "commercial" any usage
> by an organization that is not 501 *(c)3. The overwhelming majority of
> educational institutions in the us are _not_ 501(c)3 organizations.
> (Outside of the us,most educational insittutions do not have the
> equivalent of 501 (c)3 status.

Hm, I will think about how to deal with this.

> The ND part _technically_ prohibits the document from being utilized
> during instruction periods,relegating the text, in tota, to
> "background reading".

Interesting point! I will think about this as well.
What CC licence would you advise then for the pdf?

> > I think that the BY-NC-ND licence has a problem: it is not what  
> is pretends to be.
> There are so many issues with the NC license, that I can safely say
> that anything you think it prohibits, can be done within both the
> letter, and spirit of the license.

Yes, that was my point.

> Rob wrote:
> > IMO it's generally better to concentrate on making money oneself  
> rather
> than concentrating on making sure nobody else makes money.

This and many other statements in the discussion are beside the point.

Jonathan, thank you for the constructive points. I have to think  
about this.

I used to have my own licence, but many told me, that CC would be
better, because of the good image it has on the internet.

I am appalled how emotional the discussion (by others) often is.
My main point is that the term "primarily" is not ok, and that one
needs a "non-primarily" licence.

I think that people who answer; "but I do not need it" have nothing to
add to this issue. The point is not whether a particular person needs
it; the point is whether there is a demand for a "non-primarily"  


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