[cc-community] Extending CC into physical space

Dr. Peter Troxler (Waag Society) peter at waag.org
Tue Feb 24 14:23:18 EST 2009

2 thoughts on this
On 24 feb 2009, at 17:09, Mike Linksvayer wrote:

>> The CC attribution, sharealike license extends to the artwork but  
>> doesn't
>> cover the results.

why? are these results not some kind of derivs from the artwork/ 
blueprint? you know, IANAL, ...

>> Thus someone could improve the kit and providing they
>> don't share the artwork itself take their improvements effectively  
>> out of
>> the CC space.

so do you think you should legally 'force' them (or at least push them  
gently) to share?  it might be easier to create an incentive to share-- 
such as praise, exchange, help with technical/manufacturing problems,  
even humanistic (we're planning to develop a series of open designs  
for artificial limbs to be used in developing countries), etc.

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