[cc-community] cc licensing of covers of ARR songs?

Haggen So haggenso at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 01:21:42 EST 2009

Hi Jessica,

2009/1/15 Jessica Coates <j2.coates at qut.edu.au>:
> As for Drew's comment about better education materials - most definitely we could do with more information out there about downstream licensing and CC. I touched on this (though from the other angle) in relation to derivatives under the BY and BY-NC licences in my presentation at the Legal Day in Sapporo.
> The problem is, it really is ridiculously complex, and not always intuitive, how downstream licensing works. Writing it all up in a way that is useful to artists will be quite a challenge. Particularly when we're talking about things like licensing under statutory licences, which change from place to place. I suspect in the end we might have to resort to at least a bit of 'ask your licensing body'. And from experience I know even they don't often really know how their licences work.

We met last year in Taiwan CC conference. Unfortunately, you cannot
come this year and I cannot ask you in person. Do you have more
materials on BY and BY-NC derivatives "problem"?


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