[cc-community] CC-GR

Petros Zimourtopoulos pez at ee.duth.gr
Mon Feb 16 05:23:45 EST 2009

| To..: cc-gr at lists.ibiblio.org
| From: ... @mail.ntua.gr

  What is this list? 
  Is this an one-way only list?
  Is this a moderated list?
  What is this?

  I am a subscriber and sent some messages there 
  but none of them appeared without the slightest 

  Perhaps this is the modern-Greek adaptation 
  of Creative Commons movement with application 
  to the natives. 

  Something like other local coterie lists, as they are
  the so-called academic lists POSDEP, AEIEISYN, 

  That is too bad, indeed.
  Petros Zimourtopoulos

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