[cc-community] Commercial use clarification

Jeff Alexander jeff.alexander at comcast.net
Tue Feb 10 11:45:56 EST 2009

Hello list,

I have a few questions regarding CC licensing and commercial use. I've
looked around on creativecommons.org but didn't see anything that
clarified my situation. 

Here's the scenario: I have built a website that features a wiki,
articles, and discussion board section. I would like the user to be able
to contribute to these sections, build on them, and share them freely. 

There is also a section in which images can be shared. These images are
industry standard symbols and icons. 

I would like people to be able to use the graphics they obtain from the
site on things they can show to clients or use in their professional
capacity, but I think people will be hesitant to place attribution on
graphics they show to clients. Is it permissible to state that for these
graphics, users don't need to include the copyright information? Would
that be considered a different copyright? 

Thanks for the help. 


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