[cc-community] Changing *almost* compatible licenses

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Sun Apr 26 13:42:35 EDT 2009

I sure hope the attorney was not right. Consider going in the other direction:

BY-SA to FAL. I would not want all of a sudden, my BY-SA licensed works to 
show up as FAL and now I have to "go to" France to settle a difference with a 
person who misused my work.


On Sunday 26 April 2009 04:37:28 Chris Watkins wrote:
> Here's an interesting anecdote about an organization I know. I won't
> mention their name as I don't know that they want a fuss made about this.
> They are a collaborative community that has been around for several years.
> They had a couple of separate collections, and one was under the FAL (Free
> Art License). They wanted to make everything compatible under CC-BY-SA 3.0,
> but the FAL is technically *not* compatible.
> There was discussion about doing it on a piecemeal basis - getting
> permission from as many contributors as possible, then marking each page
> with a template when it was determined whether or not it qualified as
> CC-BY-SA. A huge pain, in a  a substantial number of pages.
> Then the question was raised with a US-based attorney. His response was not
> to worry so much - they're the same in all key ways, and his opinion was
> that the intention of the contributors was not concerned with the minor
> differences between open, copyleft licenses.
> So, the manager of the site notified as many contributors as he could, and
> very quickly got a response from the community. Something like 12% of
> contributors responded, almost unanimously in favor of the change. (One
> objected, perhaps related to a grievance with the community, - their
> contributions were removed, and they were satisfied.) Presumably the more
> active contributors were on average the ones who had stayed in touch with
> the community, so this 12% almost certainly represented a much higher
> proportion of the collection of work.
> I don't understand all the implications of copyright and fair use, and I
> know some will disagree, but this attorney's advice seems to me to be
> sensible and fair, and a practical, real world approach.

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