[cc-community] What does CC-BY-ND actually mean?

Gisle Hannemyr gisle at ifi.uio.no
Thu Apr 9 02:59:04 EDT 2009

On 07.04.2009 20:45, Paul Houle wrote:
> I'm wondering about what rights CC-BY-ND gives to people who find a 
> photograph.
> It's clear to me that CC-BY-ND means that I can't alter the image in 
> photoshop to produce a new image,  for instance,  or use it to make a 
> collage.


> Would I be allowed to print an unmodified version of the image in a 
> book?


> Would I be allowed to incorporate such an image in a web site
> which contains a collection of images?


In the two specific uses you refers to, you are using the image
as part of a collection.  A collection is not a derivative work
or adaptation, so the ND clause does not apply.

Check out the definition of a collection under 1(b) in the legal
code: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/legalcode

I see this question frequently asked, and I am surprised that it
is not addressed more explicit in this section of the FAQ:


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