[cc-community] by-sa and exlusive edition

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Tue Sep 30 19:42:43 EDT 2008

On Tuesday 30 September 2008 17:52:38 Dr. Peter Troxler (Waag Society) wrote:
> Terry & Drew, thanks for your answers (and the example of cheapbytes)
> If I take the reasoning a little further -- the market part of it:
> the by-sa license essentially allows me to grab (err: buy) the (maybe
> modified) exclusive edition and distribute it under my pricing regime
> if I'd simply use a plain by license and they would use traditional
> (c) (since they could on their contribution if it is copyrightable at
> all) I would not be allowed do that (i.e. use their portion)
> however, my self-distribution of their edition also depends on my
> marginal costs (as you rightly point out) but also on my production
> and distribution ability, which might or might not match theirs

True, but it is not just the two of you who can play the game. Anyone in the 
world can.
> if we assume that I cannot match, what is the benefit of by-sa over
> plain by -- other than "keeping them honest"?

Well, I want people to make money from my stuff. I would like it if they would 
send me some if they make a lot, but insisting on that legally and still 
doing Free stuff doesn't work and is not worth it in my book.

The benefit in my mind of BY-SA over BY or the GPL over the BSd etc, is that I 
have access to their work to build upon and improve mine own should I so 

I like the thought of working together with others on stuff and seeing what we 
can build together. It would be cool if all of us who might want or need to 
earn some income from these efforts could find ways to do that as well 
withing the bounds of Free works, but to me at least, the income bit is not 
the primary bit at least up to this point.
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