[cc-community] CCplus Standard License Agreement?

Dr.Peter Troxler (Waag Society) peter at waag.org
Fri Sep 19 14:38:55 EDT 2008

On 16 sep 2008, at 05:30, jonathon wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 16:05, Terry Hancock wrote:
>> YES. I would like to see a "Buy for the Commons" option: the author  
>> can choose an amount for which they would be willing to release the  
>> work By-SA for everyone. Once that's paid, the work is free.
> Does this example depict what you'd like.
> Party A licenses a work under some-bizarre-license, but also has a
> "Buy4Commons" of US$1 000 license option.
> Party B looks at the work, and figures it is worth spending US$1 000
> for the "Buy4Commons" option.
> Party C then uses the work under a CC-BY-SA license

This sounds like a cool idea and it left me wondering who would  
actually pay the US$1 000 -- would obviously be some guy who then  
could make lets say US$10 000 from it. Who is this mysterious Party  
B?  an aggregator? a re-seller? -- I could see quite some irony in the  

The other model proposed by drew Roberts sounds more CC-like to my ears:
>> There is also the purchase a copy at $20 and when
>> sales reach $1,000 then the work will be licensed BY-SA plan.

depending on the material and recent commercial experiments however,  
one would have to look quite closely at how such an offer would be  
priced ... the magic $1 per song (Apple), $5 per album (probably the  
Radiohead average at some point in time) come to mind

So it would be interesting to estimate how much transaction cost such  
an engine could reasonably impose ...

let me give a music model:
magic song price $1
added value people are happy to pay for the common good: estimate 50%  
= + $0.50
money handling fee ... anything above 5%, say 8% (typical PayPal  
ratio) = - $0.12
if we'd want to stay with the $1 to the author, again factoring in  
PayPal at 8%, we'd have to pay $1.09 to leave $1
i.e. our transaction costs can be max $1 + $0.50 - $0.12 - $1.09 = $0.29
so if we get 10.000 offerings a year that each sell 100 times to reach  
the $100 for release we could run the engine plus marketing to grow  
etc. for 10,000 * 100 * $0.29 = $29,000 a year
and notice: we'd be paying the authors actually more than they would  
get from an iTunes sale -- I remember reading of something around 70%  
to the 'rights holders' ;-)

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