[cc-community] CCplus Standard License Agreement?

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Tue Sep 16 08:39:07 EDT 2008

On Tuesday 16 September 2008 08:21:18 Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> Terry Hancock wrote:
> > YES. I would like to see a "Buy for the Commons" option: the author can
> > choose an amount for which they would be willing to release the work
> > By-SA for everyone. Once that's paid, the work is free.
> Shouldn't be restricted to BY-SA, surely? CC-BY or CC0 should also be
> options.

Seems reasonable. Also seems reasonable that purchasing a BY or a CC0 should 
cost a god bit more than purchasing a BY-SA at least for certain types of 

However, are there any who prefer BY or CC0 for their own works to champion 
this? I certainly am one who prefers BY-SA and want to add my voice to the 
call for including BY-SA.
> Richard

all the best,


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