[cc-community] Sharing creatively with ABC Pool

Jessica Coates j2.coates at qut.edu.au
Mon Sep 1 00:22:19 EDT 2008

Sorry  for the belated reply - but of course, as with all CC-licensed material, the licence has no geographical restrictions - you can remix the material anywhere, anywhen and anyhow, as long as you obey the licence terms (attribution and no commercial use, in this case)

We'd love to hear about any remixes people make with the material on Pool - the ABC team is particularly keen on developing Pool into a remix space. So if you get anything done, let us know (or just post it to the site).

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Fantastic! :)

Those bird call recordings are really quite something.  I'm tempted to compose something around a couple of them.  Is there any stipulation as to the region of the subscribers/remixers, I did check and couldn't find anything on the site.  I'm based in the UK.  I notice the licenses were all AU based, so I'm curious as to what that would mean if I submitted work as a UK resident.  Maybe there's a facility to allow me to contribute as an outsider under an unported license?

FAB idea though.  Maybe I'll just have to move to Aus?



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