[cc-community] First CC community edited fiction book. Cheers, jeers, rude awakenings?

M.A.Newhall ttb at thickerthanbloodthebook.com
Thu May 15 02:17:00 EDT 2008


   After poking around a bit it seems my sci-fi novel Thicker Than Blood is
the first community edited fiction book released under a Creative Commons
license, ever.  Lulu gives an opportunity to send out a press release when
you buy an ISBN, so I thought I would put one together and talk about 
that.  I could use help in two ways.

   Write a short email telling me what you think about that or the book
itself, and perhaps I can quote it in the press release.  It can be 
positive or negative, both can be helpful.  Just be honest.

   If you know Thicker Than Blood is not the first community edited, 
Creative Commons fiction or as a more narrow category, science fiction 
novel, please let me know.

Thanks for your help.


Matthew Newhall, M.A.Newhall at thickerthanbloodthebook.com
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