[cc-community] ASCAP

Jamison Young jam at iarts.cc
Tue May 13 07:25:21 EDT 2008

> What stops a person outside of the US (I am in fact) from joining  
> and not their local CS? If they can, what are the implications?

It's not a problem for an artist to join ASCAP outside the US. All  
foreign artists have to do is fill in a US tax form and send it in  
with their application. They are not able to join online as they  
don't have a social security number. Might be implications when  
applying for cultural funding in some countries if the artist was to  
join ASCAP. Yet i doubt that an artist could be openly refused  
funding for this.

Prior to the Buma/Stemra project this project started. http:// 
www.icommons.org/nodes/project-dac .After the Buma project got  
started this project stopped. Is this project going to start again?

Buma look at everything that in the past that has collected a royalty  
as being a commercial use, and i can't see how this could change. My  
experience from touring the Netherlands is that Buma/stemra is the  
same as SABAM.


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