[cc-community] Non-evil alternative to Flickr?

Chris Watkins chriswaterguy at appropedia.org
Wed Jun 4 22:29:40 EDT 2008

I want to share my photos, and use CC licenses. I'd prefer not to use Flickr
(or any other Yahoo service) due to their shameful behavior, helping to hand
over to the Chinese government those who dared to criticize

At the same time, a one-person boycott is pointless and I need to find a
place to share my photos.  I did blog about this
didn't get any suggestions.

http://fffff.at/fuckflickr-info sums it up pithily but I don't think I want
to point my friends and family at that url. But if someone set up as a
competitor to Flickr, using that (open source) software, and making it
possible to tag with CC licenses, that would be tempting.

Of course as the various social media are becoming more interconnected these
days, there wouldneed to be some kind of open protocol that would enable
one's photos to be easily shared on Facebook, friendfeed etc, if they were
to have a hope of providing a realistic alternative.

Any ideas? I suspect there is no real alternative but I don't want to give
up without a final attempt to find one.


Btw, I really appreciate the great answers to questions I've asked on the
list in recent months and I've read them all, even if i haven't responded

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