[cc-community] Identi.ca - my new Creative-Commons-enabled microblogging service

Evan Prodromou evan at prodromou.name
Wed Jul 2 13:09:50 EDT 2008

Hi, everyone! I thought people on this list might be interested to hear 
about a new project I've been working on.

// Identi.ca <http://identi.ca/> is a microblogging 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/microblogging> site (like Twitter, Jaiku 
or Pownce) but with a difference: the code is Open Source; all the posts 
are Creative Commons licensed; and it uses an open protocol 
<http://openmicroblogging.org/> for subscriptions between servers. The 
goal? Compatibility with the Open Service Definition 
<http://opendefinition.org/osd> to preserve user autonomy.

I hope folks on this list feel free to register 
<http://identi.ca/main/register> on the site and add me 
(http://identi.ca/evan) to their list. Please kick the tires and let me 
know what you think, want, and need -- I want this service, and this 
paradigm, to be a success.



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