[cc-community] digital vs. physical distribution rights

Ocetalo zelus.et.radix at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 13:21:45 EST 2008


One of the reasons I want to try CC for is because flexible licensing
options Copyright does not offer. I want to license my works, currently in
digital format, under CC. Now, I can think of two ways of distributing that
apply for printable works such as text and images:

1st. Choice: Allowing non commercial, free distribution of one's works to
anybody in any medium, be it tangible or intangible, no author's permission
required under certain conditions. That's a kind of distribution CC
comprises as far as I've understood.

2nd. Choice: Allowing non commercial, free distribution as long as one's
works remain intangible, I mean, in digital formats. Printing, publishing,
displaying or distributing on paper or any other tangible, non digital
medium is not allowed without the author's express permission. Are there any
Creative Commons licenses allowing to pick this choice?

Let's discuss this issue, pros and cons. Thanks in advance and God bless
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