[cc-community] CC-like video release form

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Fri Jan 18 12:56:52 EST 2008

Matthew J. Agnello wrote:
> I just don't know if providing public model releases would be  
> considered providing legal service beyond providing public licenses. I  
> know they try to avoid toeing the law firm line. Something to consider  
> for CC, if they want to provide those releases.

Aren't they both just licenses?  We're just talking about expanding from
"copyright licenses" to "publicity rights licenses" here.

And as Drew points out, this is hardly a "law firm" role: I can go to
the bookstore and buy standard legal forms from "Nolo Press". They're
considered a publisher, not a law firm.

Just out of curiosity, since CC has plenty of licensed lawyers on staff,
why does CC care whether it's a "law firm" or not? Tax status or something?


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