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Dear all,

It is with much excitement that CCau <http://creativecommons.org.au/> and
the Creative Commons Clinic
the release of the
*Asia and the Commons case studies
as part of the
*ACIA: International Workshop on Asia and the Commons in the
Information Age<http://meeting.creativecommons.org.tw/>
*, to be held in Taiwan later this week.  The project is also part of
the iCommons
Local Context, Global

The booklet showcases individuals and organisations working in the commons
in the Asia-Pacific region.  The material gathered to date represents
activities across nine countries, broader regions such as the Arab nations,
and global efforts towards sustainability and social justice, revealing
creative ways of participating in the commons. Featured are remix artists,
performers, open-source software programmers, filmmakers, collecting
institutions and publishing houses focused on democracy and change, who
demonstrate a diverse set of motivations to engage with the shared ideals of
openness and community collaboration.

We hope that you enjoy reading these vignettes, and are inspired to contact
the individuals and organisations involved. This booklet will contribute to
a larger selection of case studies to be presented at iSummit
 Please contact us at info at creativecommons.org.au if you are keen to
contribute content about your own activities.

Bountiful thanks go to all contributors and participants in these projects
for helping to make the commons a flourishing cultural movement.  In
particular, many thanks to Tyng-Ruey Chuang and Shunling Chen for their
organisation of the event.

The booklet can be downloaded here:
A print-ready version is also available with bleeds at this address.

Happy reading!
Rachel Cobcroft

Research Officer
Creative Commons Clinic
Queensland University of Technology
ph:  +61 (0)7 3138 9593
fax: +61 (0)7 3138 9395
email: rachel at creativecommons.org.au
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