[cc-community] CC-like video release form

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Tue Jan 15 23:40:39 EST 2008

Matthew J. Agnello wrote:
>>> Please bear in mind that unless they consent not only to your  project,
>>> but also to any derivatives of your project under the By-SA, then  your
>>> choice of the By-SA license is little more than an affectation -- 
>>> anyone
>>> wanting to reuse/remix your end product would need to get separate
>>> permission from everyone involved in the project.
>> Surely not if the release assented to using the released materials  as
>> per
>> the license?
> It's possible to write a release form that releases both the original 
> producer and producers of derivative works from being sued. But it 
> sounds to me, based on Terry's interpretation of the license, unless I 
> have used a specific release form in the creation of my video that 
> accounts for CC derivatives, and that video involves real people at 
> all, I cannot license it BY-SA with the intended effect of allowing 
> people to reuse it, as that re-use would violate publicity rights 
> without first getting permission from the human beings involved in the 
> video.
> IANAL, and I don't know if this is the correct interpretation, but it 
> does ring true. And, if it is, it might render a lot of CC licensed 
> videos void.

I only wish to say that I'm not a lawyer either, so maybe I'm out
of my tree, but yes, I think this is probably true. Since the CC
licenses explicitly deal only in copyright terms and disclaim any
authority over other kinds of restrictions, I don't think they would
themselves extend the releases
at all.

So it would be necessary, IMHO, for the release to provide the same
kind of extension in order for the license to work as intended. I don't
imagine that would be hard, but I think it's complicated enough to
warrant writing a standard one for people to reuse (and be reviewed by
lawyers, I hope).


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