[cc-community] CC-like video release form

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Tue Jan 15 22:09:19 EST 2008

Matthew J. Agnello wrote:
> I think it's important to limit the release to one project, only  
> because the subject is trusting me to use (and therefore release to  
> the public) only what I think is necessary for my project. For  
> instance, I can't perform an interview, get the release signed, and  
> then hand the raw footage to a friend if the release specifies a  
> project. My friend can only reuse the takes I include in my final  
> product.

Please bear in mind that unless they consent not only to your project,
but also to any derivatives of your project under the By-SA, then your
choice of the By-SA license is little more than an affectation -- anyone
wanting to reuse/remix your end product would need to get separate
permission from everyone involved in the project. Which is even more
hassle than if it were under a traditional proprietary license (where
they would typically only have to contact you).

I think this is complicated enough that CC really *ought* to provide a
release form/process through the licensing website -- "release forms
appropriate for use on CC-licensed projects". If you could provide these
releases through an automatic process, much as the license terms for
the copyright are, it would be a great benefit to the commons.


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