[cc-community] what is iCommons?

Mike Linksvayer ml at creativecommons.org
Tue Jan 15 14:04:09 EST 2008

On 1/15/08, Jamison Young <jam at iarts.cc> wrote:
>          article on the icommons site, asking "what is iCommons".
>   http://www.icommons.org/articles/what-is-icommons
> Ronaldo Lemos chairman of iCommons says. "iCommons is made for those
> connected to Creative Commons .....iCommons is the movement, Creative
> Commons is the legal project".
> iCommons does not seem this way, creative commons seems to be more
> than a legal project.

Yes, CC is more than a legal project, though its legal products
(public licenses) are the foundation. I like to think of CC as having
legal, technical, and social aspects and projects, analogizing the
lawyer-, machine-, and human-readable versions of its core products.

Not at all speaking for iCommons, but I find it easier to think of iC
as a meta movement than as a movement, or as a commons space for
commons-oriented movements. I am quite sure that participants in such
movements (including a2k, free software, open access, open education,
open formats, open web, p2p, pirate studies, transparency advocates,
wikipedians ... I'm missing a bunch, and see below) could benefit from
more cross-pollination, and iC provides one venue for that to occur.

You'll certainly note that I didn't include any arts-centric, or more
to the point, artists-centric, movements in the list above. I did this
not because they don't exist, but to call out the value of an an
appreciation of what I think is an underlying thread in your
contributions -- advocacy for the role of, approachability by, and
utility to artists in these movements. Please keep pushing in this
direction, your efforts are strongly appreciated, and critical to the
success of these broader movements, which must include artists. And
don't worry too much about definitions. :)


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