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Hey Tim,

I'd guess the first question with regard to NC : is this a "commercial" enterprise aka is there any form of revenue based advertising etc?  ok, from the website (which I don't think is so absolutely terrible as you made out btw ;) I see there's an underwriting thing going on.  Underwriting aka advertising.  I'm not a lawyer, though this does seem to be pretty straight forward.....we've discussed many times on here that NC means NC, much to the frustration of people like me who have posted and remix via ccMixter under NC only to find that blogs and radio stations which obey the letter of the law can't/won't/don't want to know.

So, this is your first problem, if you manage to get beyond this somehow you have a second more technical problem.  NC requires that you pay-per-play CC artists just as you would Billy Joel.  This is due to the collection agency (aka Sound Exchange) fees not being waivered in the NC license, silly as it may seem that's how it is.  Oddly nobody seems to know where the money actually goes, presumably into SE's "unsigned" John Doe pot.   

Best of luck with the radio station :D  Maybe look for some BY/BY-SA licensed material, Jamendo or Kompoz might be more fruitful in that direction than ccMixter btw (ccMixter has materials by signed artists to protect). Collection Agency fees are waivered on BY/By-SA  licenses afik, so you shouldn't even need to pay Sound Exchange when playing these recordings.

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  This has probably been asked a thousand times before but I couldn't seem to navigate my way to it in the archives (is there an archive search tool?).

  I am in the early stages of this so bear with me. Our local college radio station (www.wvfs.fsu.edu, V-89 WVFS 89.7 in Tallahassee) is darn good (don't judge 'em by the website, they're music folk not computer folk).
  I was thinking it would be a great idea if they had a show which featured free, as in Creative Commons-licensed, music that listeners could legally download for their portable players. I've found a lot of likely candidates for at least an hour show via CCMixter and other sources.

  Does the CC Share-alike, non-commercial license  permit radio airplay? I'm pretty sure CC stuff is going out in podcasts, but what about radio?




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