[cc-community] BY-SA Attribution question for 2nd Generation Derivative Works

Scott Ferguson sferguson317 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 11:24:42 EST 2008

I'm somewhat new to CC; excited to get clarification on a few points!
  Scenario:   I write a novel; publish it under BY-SA license.  Someone else adapts my novel into a play and publishes it in book form.  Then:  someone remixes the play into a movie script and publishes that in book form.
  My question:  What will the Attribution notice look like in the movie script book?  Could it say something like "This movie script is based on the play written by (whoever) which was based on the original novel written by (me)?"   
  Just looking for examples, or ideas as to how to best convey the license across subsequent generations of derivative works.
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