[cc-community] Is it the Music or the Musician?

Shakti S mail at shakti.id.au
Sun Jan 13 18:34:05 EST 2008

Hi Kevin,
	Thank you for your comments, at least someone took the effort to  
comment, unfortunately rather than a discussion you were trying to  
create an argument. This I feel can be useful sometimes, however in  
the light of the present situation of the potential of world outcomes  
it is talking about trivia while Rome burns. I was trying to make  
some quite profound points in an effort to shift a very destructive  
paradigm, back to a more human and cooperative one.
	Did you know that competition moves against our actual evolutionary  
process as the human race. The fact that the whites of our eyes are  
visible suggests cooperation rather than a predatory nature. The  
predators have pupils that cover their whole eye making it difficult  
to anticipate what they are about to do. Being able to anticipate  
someone else's  actions is more useful with cooperation. Competition  
is predatory.
	There is a point where conflict is useful, and that is to bring  
others out of a sleep, but when everyone is hyperactive, then they  
will only destroy each other. But even in that usefulness, there are  
also alternatives that do not require conflict.
	So getting back to my point, which relates to the mutual usefulness  
of human beings in their attempt to live a life of  fulfillment and  
comfort. The way we are doing it at the moment fails because while  
20% can discuss trivia, the other 80%  do not have that luxury, but  
strive just to exist. The pop star that flies around the world  
displaces hundreds of competent musicians that are quit capable of  
fulfilling that need in those places.
	While the paradigm now is to replace human effort with technology,  
have a look at what it is achieving. Then analyze the outcomes in  
terms of needs and satisfiers, followed by asking the question: is it  
functioning? While 30,000 children die of starvation every day, and  
2.5 billion people do not have potable water, I think you should  
review your opinion on "opportunity". There is a definite problem  
here and I am trying to address it by the shift of the human  
obsession with the possession of objects to the celebration of what  
people do.
	In terms of needs and satisfiers the technological attempt to  
simplify the complication of learning and then playing of music  
fails, because it is equally complicated, it just displaces the  
fulfillment of the mastery of a virtuoso, and the experience in the  
moment of the uncompressed analog live performance. But worse than  
that it takes away actions of meaning and replaces them with mindless  
tasks, for the musician who uses technology to play music takes  
themselves out of that creative loop, they are only a small  
percentage of the output. Compare improvising over a figured base  
(which happens in real time) to audio editing (which happens in step  
	Does anyone else wonder what is more important: the Music or the  



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