[cc-community] Ask for help: I agreed to a license by mistake

Cesare Marilungo cesare at poeticstudios.com
Thu Feb 21 11:12:35 EST 2008

Robert Atwood wrote:
> Cesare Marilungo wrote:
>> By the way - just for curiosity - how can somebody prove that he got an 
>> mp3 track from a source (and with a particular license in the period in 
>> which the license was applied)? Consider that on Jamendo, the albums are 
>> distributed as a zip file and there's a text file with the licensing 
>> information. Moreover, the license is specified in the id3 tags. The 
>> tracks linked from Opsound were the ones hosted on my own website, which 
>> are simply mp3 files without any licensing info in the tags.
> At the risk of sounding flippant ;-) .. maybe its better to just 
> continue hoping it doesn't come up! they would prove it by convincing a 
> courtroom that their story is better than yours, if enough money were 
> involved, by hiring all kinds of Computer Experts to present whatever 
> evidence they can come up with.
>   It seems unlikely to come up unless you sue them. you could make some 
> minor change to all other versions which you could distinguish from that 
> version.  'Lord Vader is whispering in your ear, “Come over to the dark 
> side, Luke" '
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Seriously, I still believe that the way in which licenses are bundled 
with the audio file (both in the id3 tags and in a text file inside the 
album .zip) on Jamendo is valid, and the way in which tracks are 
published on Opsound is not. The tracks people downloaded from Opsound 
where those hosted on my server (some have the by-nc-nd license 
specified in the tags, some don't have any license at all).

Moreover Jamendo has a kind of validation when you submit your material. 
You should put the license in a page on your own website and provide the 
link to that page to them.

What if somebody else link to my mp3s on one of these websites and claim 
them to be Public Domain?

What do you think?




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