[cc-community] A Creative Commons HOWTO project

Molly Kleinman makleinm at umich.edu
Fri Aug 22 11:32:27 EDT 2008

Partly in response to some earlier exchanges on this list about frustration
with people who use CC-licensed works without understanding or properly
complying with the terms, I've started a CC HOWTO project, with simple
explanations of the various elements of CC licenses and liberal use of
examples. It's the kind of short, simple information that can be hard to
find on the Creative Commons website in its current form.

The first two, on How to attribute a CC-Licensed work and How to use an
NC-licensed work, are on my blog:



If anyone on the list has suggestions for future topics or improvements
please let me know. The whole blog is licensed under CC-BY, so you're also
free to use and adapt them however you'd like.


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