[cc-community] looking for an application to display books online

Alek Tarkowski alek at creativecommons.pl
Thu Sep 6 05:34:12 EDT 2007

Thank you everyone for the information and links.

Open Library has a very sleek interface indeed, but I want to point out 
that it displays *scans of pages* - which we cannot do because of 
copyright issues. On the other hand Project Gutenberg has a very slow, 
it seems - though effective - process of transforming text into other 
formats (mainly HTML... I don't think they do PDF, which requires more 
serious formatting and typesetting of text to make it well readable). 
But they still display it in a quite basic way.

I've looked at the Open Library page and I've read that they have a 
different viewer in the works....

I also think that the issue that we have here in Poland might apply in 
other countries to and be another thing that needs to be solved when 
dealing with orphan works. The thing is, digitalization of public domain 
content has developed a well working workflow based on the production of 
scans of pages, which might not be suited for displaying works still in 
copyright. For those we need better mechanisms for displaying plain text 
/ HTML than what Project Gutenberg does, in my opinion.

Alek Tarkowski

koordynator / public lead
Creative Commons Polska / Poland
skype: alektarkowski 

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