[cc-community] ComCom as part of CC

namzezam namzezam at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 05:04:40 EDT 2007

I want to trigger a discussion over the issue of *ComCom as part of CC*, 
as it is put at

Please have also deep look on  the http://iswith info

Any overview from any of you would be the first step in cooperating, if 
you like to, please also write comments in these sites.

Here are some hypothetical question to answer:

Does ComCom legal ( is it or not a pyramid schema)?

Can ComCom work in the real world and what is still missing for that?

If more of the market would be of ComCom of which d is bigger, then how 
it would affect the goals of the CC community and what are the most 
affected goals?

Could the CC community itself become a ComCom, say of which d =1 or near 
to 1, would that benefit the CC community, how, why and when?

All the best
with burning ass to start doing ComCom with you :-)
gtgl (<--good time good luck)
Erez Elul

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