[cc-community] Behold the CC Video Slam!

Jessica Coates j2.coates at qut.edu.au
Wed May 16 04:23:21 EDT 2007

Hi all


Just wanted to drop you a quick line to point out a great collaborative film
project CCau took part in over the weekend - the Open Channel Video Slam
(http://www.openchannel.org.au/artslaw/index.html). Apologies for cross


Basically the idea was to produce one 10 minute film, made entirely out of
CC and original content, by locking 22 filmmakers in a bar for 33 hours a
whole lot of equipment, wireless internet access, and coffee, alcohol and
pizza. The event was organised by Andrew Garton of the Open Channel Screen
Resource Centre (http://www.openchannel.org.au
<http://www.openchannel.org.au/> ) a government funded film production and
training centre, and was hosted by Horse Bazaar
(http://www.horsebazaar.com.au/) a great digital-arts bar in the heart of
Melbourne that hosts the Digital Fringe Festival each year. Elliott Bledsoe
and I from CCau were both there to help with training and addressing tricky
issues (eg licence compatibility, searching etc). 


What we ended up with was a 10 minute film that incorporates 110 CC-licensed
works - photos, video, sound, music. This final product was screened in
Horse Bazaar and on the big screen in Melbourne's cultural hub, Federation
Square, at 7pm Monday 14 May. It's also available for download under a
BY-NC-SA licence at http://openchannel.org.au/blogs/videoslam/. 


It was a truly amazing experience, and a great learning curve for both us
and the participants. Elliott and Andrew both documented the experience on
their blogs (http://openchannel.org.au/blogs/videoslam/ and
http://elliottsawitfirst.blogspot.com/).  We're also hoping to write up some
of the lessons learned in an article, and maybe even an academic paper.


Jessica Coates



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