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[Taking note of the moderator action on "Intellectual Highway 
Department" and
the subject of this, I suggest we continue this thread on the community 

drew Roberts wrote:
>  I have been kicking a thought around in my head for the last week or
>  so that bubbled up as a result of these current discussions on Free
>  Art business models etc that we have been having.

Well, "The Magic Cauldron" was a formative influence on my ideas
about this whole subject matter.  My main interest was applying the
same concepts to hardware design.  It mingles very nicely with a
space technology concept called "In Situ Resource Utilization" (ISRU)
(a fancy NASA-style acronym for 'living off the land').  The problem is
that ISRU breaks present-day central-manufacturing practice, and
hence a new model is necessary.  There are a couple of choices, but
free-design communities are a pretty good start.  I've been writing
a magazine series about this for a few months now (I'm currently
working on the 7th and final article in the series). Here's the 1st:


>  is to another of ESR's writings and discusses some issues relating to
>  the use value versus the sale value of software.
>  Perhaps there are some useful ideas in there for those of us
>  interested in funding the production of Free Works other than
>  software.
>  Which people, groups, companies, industries use the sorts of works we
>  are interested in funding as tools rather than as goods for sale?

That is definitely the right question.

So far, we've identified "content providers":

Live shows (performances or clubs, galleries, etc).

Download services with indexed data (note that the related
discussion on AI-based song spiders is a threat to this -- compare
Yahoo vs. Google).


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