[cc-community] Copyleft And Commerce

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Fri May 26 22:05:23 EDT 2006

Greg London wrote:
>  This magical software I was talking about, this musical recognition
>  tool, is basically taking the idea of super-tagging, super-searching,
>  meta-data, and gearing it specifically for music. Which I get is
>  simply vaporware, but if a good license is one enabler, the other is
>  good searching tools.
>  So maybe the problem is that the meta-data, super-searching idea is
>  too diffuse for a seed project. Maybe what's needed is a search tool
>  specifically for music. Can software analyze tracks and find beats,
>  find keys, figure out if its in a major or minor key, and all that?

Apparently so:

>  THen you solve the storage problem by offloading tracks to whoever is
>  contributing them, they store them on their website. And the central
>  site maybe stores just the more popular ones.

Somebody has to foot the bill for that. It shouldn't
really be the artists, but the fans.  Consider the
importance of Sourceforge.net download servers to
the free software community.  Music downloads are
extremely heavy.

OTOH, there's the Internet Archive, which is already
providing something like this.

>  The central site could then also combine the software analysis of
>  music with the listening patterns of its users, to get some "taste"
>  metrics. And you've got a hyper-intelligent radio station that only
>  plays the music you want.

(Smart DJ does something like that).

See also:

This site provides some decent search capabilities.


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