[cc-community] Copyleft And Commerce

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Fri May 26 21:43:35 EDT 2006

Greg London wrote:
> > There really should be a Free Music Foundation that pays session
> > musicians an honest rate to lay down drum and guitar tracks,
> > commissions songwriters to perform acapellas, and gets the
> > documentation required to prove that the tracks are clean for use
> > in other BY-SA work. They may accept contributions from commercial
> > projects *if* they pass due diligence. This really is the sort of
> > project that is needed, there are artistic and video and literary
> > equivalents that are needed as well.
>  I agree, and I see problems in teh way:
>  (1) What is the minimum amount of time that a person needs to invest
>  to make a contribution to such a project? How does that compare to
>  the amount of time that it takes a complete newbie to contribute a
>  minimal improvement to wikipedia?
>  A typo on wikipedia can be fixed in seconds. A small article
>  contribution might take several minutes. The smallest guitar track
>  would take half an hour maybe? (assuming Joe Guitar Player happened
>  to surf to the site for the first time and decided he wanted to
>  contribute something, he'd have to set up his gear, pipe it to his
>  computer, play, record, do a couple takes to get it just right, then
>  send it into the site.)

There are already sharing / remixing communities online which are
based on "module" format music ("trackers").

 From what I've observed, they are a bit backward with respect to
licensing issues (rather than recognizing any formal licensing and/or
sharing rules, they rely on social norms and do not respect copyright
law as such -- or so it seemed to me. It's not unlike a lot of fan fiction
or fan art sites).  However, those norms are very much like CC license
norms.  These are generally amateur sites with no commercial sales,
so there's little reason why the same dynamics couldn't work for
a By-SA site.

However, this and free software show that contribution doesn't
have to be as easy as contributing to a wiki for stuff to get done.


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