[cc-community] Copyleft And Commerce

Kevin Driscoll driscollkevin at gmail.com
Thu May 25 16:09:02 EDT 2006

> There really should be a Free Music Foundation that pays session
> musicians an honest rate to lay down drum and guitar tracks,
> commissions songwriters to perform acapellas, and gets the
> documentation required to prove that the tracks are clean for use in
> other BY-SA work. They may accept contributions from commercial
> projects *if* they pass due diligence. This really is the sort of
> project that is needed, there are artistic and video and literary
> equivalents that are needed as well.

I see the seed project comparison though I have to push back when we
bring the analogy to music because of the nature of derivative audio
recordings of music.  In my experience, sampling is rarely used for
the sake of convenience (e.g. "I need a horn line and can't play
trumpet.")  More often, sampling is used within a new work to
reference the cultural context of the sampled recording.

The free/open library would be valuable in a variety of other contexts
(soundtracks, music education) but could not find the broad adoption
we see in the GNU projects.  Few, if any, of the recordings would have
the necessary cultural weight to impact popular music.

A greater goal would be to inspire older artists to open their back
catalogs.  There is a financial incentive as they may experience a
spike in sales when a sample of their original recording finds popular
success and there is also the reputational benefit of being associated
with the open content movement.


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