[cc-community] Displaying a CC-work alongside a non-CC work

Paul Dixon paul at elphin.com
Sun May 14 05:41:13 EDT 2006

I want to present an unmodified, credited CC-BY-SA work in a webpage, 
and add additional information to the page which cannot be CC licenced.

Have I created a derived work by association (and thus violated the 
licence as the result cannot be share-alike).

I would contend that I haven't, as the original is unmodified, but I 
know sharp legal minds read the list so some clarification would be useful.

To give a concrete example of what I mean, I want to take a CC-BY-SA 
work comprising a photograph+metadata, and display it on a page 
alongside a location map for which I possess the right to display, but 
not to sublicence. Would such a page violate the CC licence? There would 
be a clear visual markup to show that it was the image which is CC 
licenced and not the whole page.

Paul Dixon

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