[cc-community] Creative Commons and Wiki's

Peter Brink peter.brink at brinkdata.se
Sun May 7 07:08:00 EDT 2006

Dave Verwer skrev:
 > Ok, first question. With a wiki under that license, who owns the
 > content?

The contributors retain their copyrights to their content. They have 
only licensed the content under the terms of the CCPL to the wiki. The 
contributors are all licensors – the wiki is a licensee.

 > The original contributors have not necessarily agreed to
 > share their information under the same license that the rest of the
 > site is under, or is the fact that the license is displayed on every
 > page and the submitter is free to choose whether to contribute the
 > information enough of an agreement?

I would advice you to make sure that the contributors explicitly agree 
to license the content under the terms of CCPL to the wiki. This can be 
done in many ways, for example by inserting a text string in the edit 
form that informs the contributor that when he adds content to the wiki 
he is also agreeing to publish the content under CCPL.

 > Also, who retains copyright on the
 > information

Facts cannot be copyrighted. The expressions, that the contributors have 
contributed, are however copyrighted by their individual authors.

 > and is it legal for that information to be republished
 > using the license of my choosing?

Yes, as I said, facts are not copyrighted. The expressions contributed 
cannot, however, be made available under a license of *your* choosing. 
You must ask for permission from the licensor to be able to do that.

 > Second question, as I read the license, it is certainly a
 > non-commercial license for derivative works and copies of the
 > information but is it a non-commercial license for the original
 > content? For example, if I need to support the hosting of the site
 > through some revenue generation (donations, adverts, etc) am I free to
 > do so under this license?

No. The wiki is a licensor. It is bound by the terms of the license. 
Only the copyright holders may make their works available under other 
terms than by the CCPL you have chosen.

/Peter Brink

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