[cc-community] Creative Commons and Wiki's

Dave Verwer dave at dvhome.co.uk
Sun May 7 05:32:28 EDT 2006


These questions have probably been asked before but I didnt see where
I could search the archives, only view each month individually and I
admit I am too lazy to search through 23 months of archives

I would like to use the Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License for a wiki project I
am starting. I have chosen the non commercial license because I don't
want people just taking the content from the site to feed
adword-littered spam blogs or similar and I know the license will
protect me against that

Ok, first question. With a wiki under that license, who owns the
content? The original contributors have not necessarily agreed to
share their information under the same license that the rest of the
site is under, or is the fact that the license is displayed on every
page and the submitter is free to choose whether to contribute the
information enough of an agreement? Also, who retains copyright on the
information and is it legal for that information to be republished
using the license of my choosing?

Second question, as I read the license, it is certainly a
non-commercial license for derivative works and copies of the
information but is it a non-commercial license for the original
content? For example, if I need to support the hosting of the site
through some revenue generation (donations, adverts, etc) am I free to
do so under this license?

I hope I explained my questions well enough, thanks in advance for any help.


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