[cc-community] suggested the CC license for the Katrina People Finder database

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Thu Sep 8 21:30:36 EDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-09-08 at 20:27 -0400, Mark Rauterkus wrote:
> Hi All,
> I just subscribed to this list today to face an interesting challenge
> that sits as an URGENT matter. Some interesting issues have been
> unfolding in the wake Katrina.
> A group of volunteer netizens pulled together to make an open standard
> (PFIF) and web application / database helping people find each other.
> Lots of heavy lifting has taken place -- and today (or yesterday) the
> big boys came into the game.
> I had suggested on the dev (or was it the volunteers list) that the CC
> license be used for the data.
> Some snips follow from a thread elsewhere (www.katrinalist.net)

Sounds good. Are you sure you want to restrict this list and technology
for it for only non-commercial purposes? Also, since this site is
software, are you sure cc licenses are the best way to go? If you are
trying to protect the software then I would suggest GNU GPL
(www.gnu.org): http://www.gnu.org/licenses/licenses.html#GPL

Also, yes, if you switch to a cc license, you will need to contact the
current copyright owners, clear that with them, and then remove that
copright logo (c) and replace with standard cc style licensing language.

Otherwise, I would say go with the cc license and move on!

Great job on the project and the idea.


> - - -
> What if we put the database into a CREATIVE COMMONS license that is
> intended ONLY for NON-Commercial uses?
> See this URL:
> http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.5/
> That might cover some of the fears.
> Is there such a license effort / discussion in place?
>  -- snip --
> > But there is one problem, It appears the data is already copyrighted by
> > a commercial enterprise:
> >
> > The end of each results page already ends with:
> >
> > Katrina List: (c) Copyright 2000-2005 salesforce.com, inc. All rights reserved
> >
> > Which makes it appear that the data is owned by Saleforce.com
> -- snip --
> That problem is NOT a FATAL problem.
> Salesforce should take a copy of the data -- put it into a TAR BALL --
> and put that tar ball into the public domain.
> They can keep ownership -- and others can pick it up and use it too.
> MS or others as well.
> Then this effort could proceed.
> Does it sound like Salesforce wants to exit anyway? Smooth exits are great.
> --  snip --
> Wait, if they put the tarball into public domain, what stops evil
> Spam Lord from picking up and populating his/her new "Victims List"
> database for telephone, email and mass-marketing campaigns?
> -dan
>  -- snip --
> Both common sense and the ATTORNEY GENERAL.
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