[cc-community] bounty hunter

Rob Myers robmyers at mac.com
Sat Jan 15 04:18:35 EST 2005

On 15 Jan 2005, at 00:06, Mike Linksvayer wrote:

> Greg London wrote:
>> The bounty is the number of rights promised by the public
>> to the writer and the duration that those rights last.
> Right.

A franchise might be a good comparison as well: it also captures the 
ideas of initial investment and ongoing returns from engaging with an 
existing form.

The idea of a bounty (or franchise) does not however capture the 
European idea of copyright as a "moral right". As a European I always 
find it funny seeing hard-line European IP shills arguing for a 
Romantic artist-creator when defending extending copyright terms at the 
behest of large corporations.

>> The way some copyright holders argue that they are still selling
>> their work after 70 years and if you let the work enter the
>> public domain you're stealing money from them no longer flies.
> It has never flown in terms of economic analysis.

As Lessig said, increasing the copyright term now won't cause any more 
work to be created in 192x.

>> The great grandson of Helen-the-Bounty-Hunter shouldn't be
>> getting paid a royalty(bounty) because Helen wrote a novel
>> (brought in Bad Bart) a century ago.
>> Has someone used this metaphor before to describe IP law?
>> Or is this actually a new idea?
> Search for "copyright extension" and "present value".
> But no, not in terms of Bad Bart specifically. :-)

A copyright hereditary nobility?

- Rob.

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