[cc-community] bounty hunter

Mike Linksvayer ml at creativecommons.org
Fri Jan 14 19:06:16 EST 2005

Greg London wrote:
> The bounty is the number of rights promised by the public
> to the writer and the duration that those rights last.


> The public should then set the bounty just high enough
> that bounty hunters still show up and do the job.
> Which means the bounty should be a function of how much
> it takes to CREATE the work, not how much the END RESULT
> is worth.

Wrong!  How do you know what "enough" is?  You need to consider cost and 
benefit.  Ideally, you want marginal benefit ("value" of consuming 
another unit of whatever good, be it books or criminals brought to 
justice) equal to the marginal cost of producing another unit.

> The way some copyright holders argue that they are still selling
> their work after 70 years and if you let the work enter the
> public domain you're stealing money from them no longer flies.

It has never flown in terms of economic analysis.

> The great grandson of Helen-the-Bounty-Hunter shouldn't be
> getting paid a royalty(bounty) because Helen wrote a novel
> (brought in Bad Bart) a century ago.
> Has someone used this metaphor before to describe IP law?
> Or is this actually a new idea?

Search for "copyright extension" and "present value".

But no, not in terms of Bad Bart specifically. :-)

   Mike Linksvayer

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