[cc-community] Invariant Video Sections

Adam Gautier mada at gautier.org
Wed Jan 5 11:20:24 EST 2005

I have created some video-howto MPEG files for my company mainly
pertaining to how to use various Free/Open Source Software(FOSS).  This
was done as a training aid inside the company and it's clients as well as
a sales/marketing/training tool for the company's own FOSS distributed to
customers.  The company would also like to release the material to the
public via the Internet Archive.  However, we have ben struggling with the
lisc. issues around the video.  Basically, our problem is that we would
like to release the video to the public, keep attribution, limit comercial
uses, and allow anyone to make changes.  The last point is the problem we
are adding an opening and closing segment to the video, the opening
segment has an introduction, lays out the CC lisc. embeded in the video by
going over the deed and the exceptions(see above), and a disclaimer about
the contents.  The closing segment will be the some marketing information
etc. What we would like is for customers to be able to change the "howto"
segments of the video but not the opening/closing segments. Like the
invariant sections of the GNU Documentation Liscense (GDL), these segments
could not be changed. Ultimatly, what we would most like is a liscense
that says that the invariant sections cannot even be skipped by any
distributer (other than us the copyright holder) unless the users key was
checked with our database (Our video-player checks this via the web).  The
end-user should be free to fast-forward any such segments.

The best scenario for the company would be that an individual or another
company gets some valid use out of the free video help files (We will be
creating videos for OpenOffice, FireFox, etc so you can see how this might
be used as corporate training).  Users are still free to make changes for
their own needs or corporate processes (It would be great to see a company
take a video an change say the email account setup to their own
server/info and then use internally).  We would just like to get the
credit for the video (and hopefully some possible business making custom
videos).  What we don't want is someone chopping and merging video
segments together and therefore chopping off information about us, the
disclaimer, or the CC lisc.

Is this possible with the CC lisc.?
Are there other suggestions about how to accomplish these issues?

Cheers, Adam

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