[cc-community] No creativity without copyright (was:Benjamin Mako Hill on Creative Commons)

Mark Havenner laveaux at poorteacher.com
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I'd argue that big business, in general, is imploding, particularly in the
world of media. 

We are no longer limited to what the record companies say we will like, we
have our iPods and our mouse buttons and we choose from sheer volume what we
want to hear. I can get any song I want from any source for under $US 5. 

Only 20 people in Hollywood make movies and they only choose 30 more people
to make them with. Everyone else is making higher quality movies with the
raw talent left out of the upper 5% and the Indy movement is at an all time
high. The likes of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Quinten Tarantino, John C.
Reilly, Julianne Moore, the Coen Bros and Kevin Smith are now in the
mainstream, not because Hollywood put them there, but because their
low-budget Indy movies appealed to movie-goers and the -audience- put them
there. The Oscars show consistent support for Indy movies and big stars are
-regressing- back into them: I Heart Huckabees, Lost in Translation, and
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind... Okay, I have to stop with movies,
I'm a buff.

Look at retail. Now Joe and Martha McKlean in Madison Wisconsin can compete
with Virgin Records online selling enough to support an entire household.
You can buy handmade soap cheaper than at the market and never look at Dove

Publishing... feggit about it. E-books are the future. They are already the
present. Entire industries are converting to downloadable PDFs, including
medicine, higher education, and gaming. Now Bobby from Albuquerque can
publish his Great American Novel without an agent, a publisher, or a
distributor and can do quite well for himself by generating his own market
and never leaving his basement.

Magazines and newspapers are a thing of the past. People get their news from
websites and blogs. The media empire is so ridiculously out of touch with
current events, readers are forced to go to international sources for news.

The point I'm making is that we are no longer at the whims of big business
to be consumers. We can get whatever we want whenever we want and are making
the big boys obsolete. This is the roots of capitalism coming up again and
movements like open content, independent press and film, and international
access to resources completely undermine the foundation big business is
built on.

The fact is, we don't need them anymore. Bring back the ma and pa shops, the
farmers markets, and local manufacturing. Build up community jobs again.
Don't bother with Barnes and Noble . . . It's no longer necessary.

Now as I step off my soap box and apologize for my tangent, I really should
get back to work.

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Even economically, I think Hollywood is realising that it's  
imploding. Discussing copyright on the basis of ensuring the economic  
viability of blockbusters seems strange given this.

- Rob.
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